Welcome to Tsunami Academy of Martial Arts!

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Tsunami Academy Philosophy.

We believe in the importance of practical self-defense skills that can be easily absorbed. We commit to developing confidence, strength, discipline and a high level of fitness for our students.  Each martial arts class is designed for everybody. This allows each of our students to work on their goals while helping others along the path.

Tsunami Academy Functional Fitness.

If you’re looking for a fitness challenge, to develop a new set of skills and get some intense exercise at the same time, Tsunami Academy is for you. Located in Gettysburg PA, Tsunami Academy of Martial Arts is the area’s premier training and instruction center specializing in a wide range of styles and systems.

No Experience Needed! Just Show Up.

You do not need any prior experience, and you do not have to be in shape to try class.  Therefore, you do not need to know or do anything to prepare for martial arts training at Tsunami Academy.  The best thing to fill us in on is your goals! We will help you achieve any goal you want. Come in and transform your mind and body to reap the benefits of what the martial arts can offer.